Biffy Clyro return with new single ‘Instant History’

Biffy Clyro return with new single ‘Instant History’

Biffy Clyro have shared new single ‘Instant History’.

Speaking about the track, Simon Neil told Radio X: “The song Instant History for me is about accepting that things change, but also just trying to just stand for what you believe in and not succumb to a wave of opinions…”

He continued: “I think it’s just trying to find what I value in my life, and I’m not going to change who I am for that regardless of reality changing.

“I want to fight for the things I’ve always believed in and want our country and our world and humanity to cherish.”

The rocker added: “I take solace in the fact that every century kind of takes 10, 20 years to really get going in the right direction.

He concluded: “Things are being pulled here, there and everywhere at the start of every century, and I think we just needed to take some small steps, fall down, hit our faces, bust our head open, get stitches over the back of our head, lose sight in one eye, and now we can start healing”.