Colin Farrell gets unlimited kebab free food card

Colin Farrell gets unlimited kebab free food card

Irish actor, Colin Farrell, has earned first ever black card from an Irish food chain.

Abrakebabra, one of The Gentlemen actor’s favourite kebab shops, had initially rewarded their loyal customer with a gold card following an interview he conducted with the chain in Aer Lingus magazine.

But after Farrell later spoke about the gesture on US talk shows including The Ellen Show, he was given an upgraded black card that entitles him to unlimited free food.

As NME reports, the actor, 43, addressed the latest gift from Abrakebabra while appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this week. “First, [Abrakebabra] gave me a gold card because I did an interview for this kebab shop in Aer Lingus magazine, which is our national airline.

“And because the good people at Abrakebabra read my interview in the Aer Lingus magazine, they gave me a gold card. But then, of course, I came on lovely Ellen’s show and your lovely show and basically took the fucking thing international.

“So I got a call from them saying that they had printed up a black card. Nobody has a black card! The Pope doesn’t have a black card.”

The card in question has a message on the back that reads: “Absolutely no restrictions apply to Colin Farrell.”