Exit Festival will go ahead this year, but not in July

Exit Festival will go ahead this year, but not in July

The 2020 edition of Serbia’s Exit Festival will go ahead.

Organizers have said that this year’s edition will take place, but not on the scheduled dates in July and not in its usual four-day format of 55.000 visitors per day to over 40 points and areas across the fortress.

“However, a dramatic improvement in the health situation in Serbia and the Balkan Region has led the crisis staff and the government of Serbia to recommend us not to cancel the festival, but to organize it in a certain form this august.” it is said in the statement.

 “What we know for sure is that we are working hard on all possible options, both for the festival in 2020 and in 2021., and you can expect some really great surprises.”

It could be one of just a few European festivals given the green-light this year as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

Germany’s Reeperbahn festival in Hamburg is set for September 16-19 with a “pandemic-adapted” focus, while Estonia’s Tallinn Music Week will run August 26-30 thanks to the country easing restrictions. A large number of festivals have been cancelled or postponed.