Lego Glastonbury has become a viral sensation

Lego Glastonbury has become a viral sensation

Adam Hardman has recreated Glastonbury Festival in his garden, using lego bricks.

He was set to attend the festival this summer, but it was canceled because coronavirus.

So, helped by his housemate Jonathan Oakes, Adam created the festival in his garden.

“I can’t even open the Facebook app on my phone at the minute because of how many notifications I’m getting, it’s bonkers” he said to Warrington Guardian.

“It’s just been one thing after another recently, and I just thought that if someone watches this and smiles then we’ve achieved something.”

Their virtual take on Glastonbury comes after healthcare experts claimed that live concerts and festivals may not be able return until autumn 2021.

NME reports that the video has been watched by more than three million people online.