Read | Golden Globe nominee, Al Pacino’s profile

Read | Golden Globe nominee, Al Pacino’s profile

This year, Al Pacino is nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Jimmy Hoffa in Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman.

This marks his 18th Golden Globe nomination.

The Irishman reunited Pacino with his old friend Robert De Niro (who plays his henchman, Frank Sheeran).

“Bob [De Niro] and I go back a long time,” says Pacino. “I’ve known Bob my whole life, I knew him when he was a young actor, both of us were young actors. I had never worked with Martin Scorsese, who is such a great artist and director. And it was a really wonderful script that they came up with. So, I said I would do it, and they found a way to our schedules to put it together.”

Pacino, who also won an Academy Award for Scent of a Woman in 1992, is one of the most influential and studied actors of our time. His commitment to the art of acting is clearly shown by his continuous return to the stage (Shakespeare being his great love) and his theater-based films, conceived and directed by him, such as Looking for Richard and Wilde’s Salome.

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