Run The Jewels’ new album ‘could change the world’

Run The Jewels’ new album ‘could change the world’

It’s a fact that music has played an integral part in the pursuit of social justice for a long time.

These days, thousands of people have taken to the streets in the US and across the world to protest following the death of George Floyd.

‘Run The Jewels 4’, the much-anticipated new album from hip-hop duo Run The Jewels – comprised of rapper Killer Mike and producer/rapper El-P – couldn’t be more appropriate for the times we’re living in.

They take listeners to church at a rapid-fire pace; blink and you’ll miss a lot of what’s being said on ‘RTJ4’.

‘RTJ4’ isn’t all about social consciousness or spiritual awareness. Sometimes it’s simply a stage for Mike and El to puff out their chests and drop some witty bars while juiced up on bravado.

In a review for the album, Will Lavin writes for NME that ‘RTJ4’ is protest music for a new generation.

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