Sven Väth: Playing vinyl is a commitment

Sven Väth: Playing vinyl is a commitment

More work, more preparations and a lot more luggage is what DJ Sven Väth does in each of his tours just to never abandon turntables.

“Playing vinyl exclusively is a commitment,” he tells Mixmag. “But it’s not really stressful for me; every band has to do their rehearsal and I see it like this. It’s part of my job.”

Spinning records since 1980, Sven has almost 40 years of experience as a DJ during which time he has always played 100% vinyl. In the early days of course, it was the only option, but as the digital revolution transformed the way DJs play music, Sven dug in his heels.

This year Technics announced their return to the DJ game after discontinuing production of their iconic turntables in 2010.

“When I heard they were bringing back the 1210s I was like, ‘Yeah!’,” Sven tells the magazine. “The Cocoon logo, the four dots – it was inspired by the dots along the side of the platter. I trust them implicitly because they’re my instruments and I’ve always been able to rely on them. I’ve played so many times on these turntables in the rain, and they’ve never stopped.”

As digital equipment became the go-to technology for DJs, analogue turntables were often neglected; sometimes used as a drinks stand, left to deteriorate or ditched from the booth entirely. The result is that DJs who play vinyl can experience a wide range of mishaps and malfunctions – especially on the festival circuit. To counter this, Sven and his right-hand man Maurizio Schmitz have an extensive tech rider which includes detailed diagrams

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