The Clash’s ‘London Calling’ is 40 years old

The Clash’s ‘London Calling’ is 40 years old

Exactly 40 years ago, on 14 December 1979, The Clash’s third album London Calling, full energy and ambition, was released.

London Calling demonstrated that The Clash had evolved into a great rock band, one that also took rewarding excursions into reggae, rockabilly, ska and what can only be described as roots-based punk’n’roll, writes Graeme Ross in Independent.

Meanwhile, BBC focuses on how the album still inspires 40 years on. It also gives an interview with photographer Pennie Smith who tells how she captures the iconin image of Paul Simonon smashing the bass guitar to the floor.

Since being released as a double album, London Calling has sold more than five million copies and influenced countless people.

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