This is how much Pete Doherty earns a month

This is how much Pete Doherty earns a month

The Libertines rocker Pete Doherty has blamed a broken dashboard light after he was caught speeding four times in just three weeks.

He was forced to attend Folkestone Magistrates Court in October.

As reported by Kent Online, the Don’t Look Back Into The Sun singer was given a six month driving ban and fined £2,307 for each driving offence – which racked up to a total of £9,228.

According to the outlet, Doherty – who was heard muttering “ouch” when he heard the total amount – was asked to disclose how much he earned each month and told the court the figure was £10,000, which equates to approximately 120,000 a year.

Despite the handsome salary, the fines awarded to him by the court almost amounted to a month of his wages.