This is what could be lost if Trump bombs Iran’s cultural treasures

This is what could be lost if Trump bombs Iran’s cultural treasures

Donald Trump’s threat to target “cultural sites” in Iran would put him into an axis of architectural evil alongside the Taliban and Isis, both of which have wreaked similar forms of destruction this century.

Does Trump know what would be lost? Probably not – but he’s hardly the only one. The fact that the country is rarely visited by western tourists is not due to a lack of attractions, The Guardian reports.

This is is not just Iran’s cultural heritage, it is humanity’s.

The jewel in Iran’s archaeological crown: a monumental complex dating back to the sixth century BC. 

Shah Cheragh mosque, Shiraz
The name translates as “King of the Light” and with good reason. Relatively typical-looking from the outside, this mausoleum’s interior is entirely covered in intricate geometric designs of mirrored mosaic tile, creating a cosmic, otherworldly lightshow.

Vank Cathedral
Three of the oldest churches in the region are Unesco world heritage sites. Vank Cathedral, near Isfahan, was built by Armenians fleeing the Ottoman wars in the 17th century.

Bridges of Isfahan
The stately, 130m-long Khaju Bridge, for example, served as a dam and sluice gate to control the Zayanderud river as well as a way to cross it, while its central aisle was a shaded public meeting space boasting a tea house.

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