Turkish author Ahmet Altan freed after three years

Turkish author Ahmet Altan freed after three years

After more than three years behind bars, Turkish author Ahmet Altan has been released from prison.

The 69-year-old was arrested in 2016 with his brother, the economist and journalist Mehmet Altan, on allegations of spreading “subliminal messages announcing a military coup” on television,

All three received life sentences in 2018, though Mehmet was released after four months, pending his appeal.

Altan detention was condemned by 38 Nobel laureates.

“A moment of freedom for Ahmet Altan, who gets to see the world again,” wrote Sands, referencing the title of Altan’s prison memoir, I Will Never See the World Again, which was longlisted for the £50,000 Baillie Gifford prize in September, reports The Guardian. Assembled from notes given to his lawyers, Altan writes in the book of how “never again would I be able to kiss the woman I love, embrace my kids, meet with my friends, walk the streets … I would not be able to watch the sunrise.”