Watch | Vincent Cassel recounts the moments that changed his life

Watch | Vincent Cassel recounts the moments that changed his life

Vincent Cassel role is in ‘Underwater’ which will hit theaters on Wednesday January 8th.

The actor tells Brut about three moments that changed his life.

1. His grandfather’s cinema theater

His summers, Vincent Cassel spent them in Archachon where he was able to enjoy the cinema-theater that his grandfather directed. He could see a plethora of films including Taxi Driver, Mean Streets and cartoons. “I had no idea how lucky I was,” he says.

“I created a lot of references at that time because I was going to see everything in a completely innocent way,” says Vincent Cassel.

2. His meeting with Mathieu Kassovitz

If “La haine” had an impact on his career, Vincent Cassel explains that it was above all his meeting with Mathieu Kassovitz.

“I came across a guy my age who had the same references as me and who was learning at the same time as me,” says Vincent Cassel. It was indeed Mathieu Kassovitz who pushed the actor to watch himself play on the combo, a recommendation that Vincent Cassel had never taken seriously until then. “There is one thing that lingers in the acting profession when you take acting lessons, it is that the actors should not look at themselves because otherwise, they are bad,” he explains. Today, Vincent Cassel nevertheless considers that it was at this point that he felt “in his place

3. His theater studies in New York

Broadway, New York… Vincent Cassel was marked by his few years of theater studies in the city. During these years, he made many significant encounters. “I remember, I was 17 years old, I was going to a club, I ran into Andy Warhol, Basquiat, Mapplethorpe … That was America for me, it was not cinema.”