What happens when we die? Read what Björk, David Lynch and other names think

What happens when we die? Read what Björk, David Lynch and other names think

Months ago, Matrix’s star Keanu Reeves gave a profound take on the afterlife while on Stephen Colber’s US talk show.

Responding to the existential question “what happens when we die?”, Reeves sighed and said, “I know that the ones who love us will miss us.”

So what does happen when we die? Is there an afterlife, or do you really only live once?

Dazed magazine has delved into the archives to find out what other creative stars have to say on the matter.


“You are you, and you just keep being you”David Lynch

In a 2008 interview on life and consciousness after death, the avant-garde director claimed that “you are you, and you just keep being you”.

Lynch explains his idea of the afterlife through a metaphor of a guy driving a very old car down to a junkyard, where he gets out of the car and walks away. He claimed, “the car is the body, but you just keep going.” Believing that the body is special, he claims that “you need to do your expending of consciousness while you got a body.”


“Life is a dream, and death is waking up”Marina Abramović

Imagine musician and actor Jared Leto in conversation with performance artist Marina Abramović, when the Blade Runner 2049 star asks: “what is death?” Referencing a mantra from the mystical Islamic belief of Sufism, she responds to say: “life is a dream, and death is waking up.”

Abramović’s work is intertwined with death and spirituality, with right-wing Catholic protesters recently claiming that her retrospective exhibition in Poland was affiliated with Satanic practice. Although not claiming to be a devil worshiper, she said: “I am very busy with the dead, I think about death every single day.” The provocative artist then went on to criticise American culture and beliefs in immortality.


“We look at death from a selfish side”Tupac

In the year prior to his own death in ‘96, the legendary rapper Tupac shared his wise words on life after death. He boldly stated that “we look at death from a selfish side” and always think of it as something sad. However, Tupac rather morbidly claimed that this is not sad because “(the dead are) away from all this bad stuff that’s here on Earth”.

Continuing to talk about the dead, he said: “at the worst he’s just somewhere quiet, no nothing. At best he’s an angel, or at the next existence, or he’s a spirit somewhere.”


“Yes (I believe in an afterlife) and I will cook there”Björk

When the Icelandic singer and songwriter took to Reddit to let her fans ask her anything, she probably wasn’t expecting to be asked, “do you believe in an afterlife?” followed randomly by, “also, can you cook?” Rather comically, Björk responded to say “yes and I will cook there”.

Nothing the iconic musician says seems to shock her fans though, as someone responded, “please let my mom have a plate of food when you open up your kitchen in the cosmos”, and another wondered “what kind of afterlife ingredients” there are. We don’t know about you, but we’d defo eat Björk’s food in the afterlife.


“You Only Live Once? That’s great. I have no faith in an afterlife and you never know when it’s gonna end” Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum is enjoying his newfound fame as a ‘fashion daddy’ – and he should, considering he believes that we only live one life. In an interview with The Guardian, the actor claimed that he had never heard of the phrase ‘YOLO’ before, but thinks it’s great, as you never really know when life is going to end.

Goldblum goes on to say: “there’s so much that’s delicious, precious, magnificent, mysterious, and infinitely enjoyable that it would be foolish not to make every day an adventure.” He may not have faith in an afterlife, but at least he is making the most of his life as an internet star.