Wiley disses Stormzy saying he’s “worse than Ed Sheeran”

Wiley disses Stormzy saying he’s “worse than Ed Sheeran”

The feud between Wiley and Stormzy has been updated.

After the pair publicly feuded on Twitter over Stormzy’s collaborations with Sheeran, on a new diss track Wiley attacks Stormzy for ‘Wiley Flow’ – a homage to the grime MC which he released last year.

On ‘Eediyat Skengman’, Wiley raps: “It’s not homage, looking like a sly one, I know when a brudda and a label join together and they try one / They all copy me, they want some of my one / It don’t work though ’cause this my ting / And I’m the heavyweight champ of the grime ting.”

“But then the journeys don’t look murky, I know Stormzy’s good and that,” Wiley says.

“Yeah, I know he came from the hood and that, But if the vibes that we built were drugs and we packed / We’d be stacking, and he come along and took all that.

He continues: “You never cared about grime, you just used it / Worse than Ed with your watered down music.”

Stormzy is yet to respond to the track, but previously branded Wiley a “prick” after he attacked him on Twitter, NME reports.