Woman dies from wine contaminated with MDMA drug

Woman dies from wine contaminated with MDMA drug

A warning has been issued by Belgian authorities after a woman died having apparently taken one sip of a glass of wine contaminated with the drug MDMA.

It’s not clear how the 41-year-old woman from Puurs near Antwerp got hold of the bottle, but some drugs are commonly dissolved into wine for smuggling, BBC reports.

Mystery surrounds how the woman got hold of the wine, which was in a bottle that originally came from Dutch company Black and Bianco.

Prosecutors said the original black cork with the company logo had been removed and replaced with an unlabelled beige one.

The company said it was very shocked by the news that one of its Merlot-Cabernet Sauvignon bottles had been used.

Prosecutors have warned anyone who finds a similar bottle with a cork that has been tampered with not to open it.

They said the woman had died of a lethal amount of MDMA and MDA in her bloodstream and that a witness had said she had only taken a sip from the bottle because it tasted bad.