World-champion snowboarder, Alex Pullin, dies at 32

World-champion snowboarder, Alex Pullin, dies at 32

Australian Winter Olympics star Alex “Chumpy” Pullin is dead after a freak drowning incident while spearfishing on the Gold Coast.

Pullin, 32, was found unresponsive off a beach on Queensland’s Gold Coast on Wednesday.

Nicknamed “Chumpy”, Pullin was Australia’s flagbearer at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

The alarm was raised and a lifeguard raced to assist, pulling him from the surf on a jet ski.

Paramedics performed CPR for 45 minutes but the 32-year-old couldn’t be revived.

A police official told Australia’s Channel 9 News that Pullin appeared to have been diving alone.

“He didn’t have an oxygen mask, we understand he was free diving and spearfishing out on the reef,” Officer Chris Tritton said.

The athlete had previously shared pictures online of himself spearfishing, swimming and surfing.