Burial Announces New Compilation

Burial Announces New Compilation

Burial is releasing a compilation comprising non-album singles from 2011-2019.

Tunes 2011-2019 is out December 6 on Hyperdub, reports Pitchfork.

Burial has not released an original full-length since 2007’s Untrue. In recent years, along with sharing solo singles like “Claustro” and “State Forest,” he’s collaborated with Kode9 and the Bug.

Tunes 2011-2019:


01 State Forest

02 Beachfires

03 Subtemple

04 Young Death

05 Nightmarket

06 Hiders

07 Come Down to Us

08 Claustro

09 Rival Dealer


01 Kindred

02 Loner

03 Ashtray Wasp

04 Rough Sleeper

05 Truant

06 Street Halo

07 Stolen Dog

08 NYC