On this day

1969 | On trial in Canada on drug possession charges, Jimi Hendrix told a Toronto court that he had only smoked pot four times in his life, snorted cocaine twice and took LSD no more than five times. Telling the jury that he had now ‘outgrown’ drugs. They found the guitarist not guilty.

1980 | John Lennon was shot five times by 25 year old Mark Chapman outside the Dakota building in New York City where John and Yoko lived. Lennon was pronounced dead from a massive loss of blood at 11.30pm.

1995 | Courtney Love appeared on the ABC TV show ’10 Most Fascinating People’, telling the presenter that she wished she had done ‘eight thousand million things differently’ to have prevented the death of her husband Kurt Cobain.

2000 | A plaque to commemorate the 20th anniversary of John Lennon’s death was unveiled outside his childhood home in Liverpool.

2013 | Metallica played a gig inside a dome at the Argentine Antarctic Base Carlini, thus becoming the first band ever to play on all seven continents.

2016 | Sir Mick Jagger became a father again at the age of 73, after his 29-year-old girlfriend, American ballerina Melanie Hamrick, gave birth to a boy in New York City. The singer already had seven children, whose ages range from 17 to 45 and he became a great-grandfather in 2014.

Born on this day

1925 | Sammy Davis Jr, singer, actor, (1972 US No.1 single ‘The Candy Man’). Died of throat cancer on 16th May 1990.

1943 | Jim Morrison singer and lyricist with The Doors. Morrison died of heart failure in a bathtub in a Paris hotel room on 3rd July 1971.

1957 | Phil Collen, guitar, Def Leppard.

1962 | Marty Friedman, Megadeth.

1966 | Sinead O’Connor, Irish singer, songwriter.

1973 | Corey Taylor, lead singer with American heavy metal band Slipknot.

1974 | Nick Zinner, guitarist, Yeah Yeah Yeahs.