Author: Belinda Huso

The winter is almost over, spring is just around the corner. The heaviness of this winter has been unbearable. The pandemic of course had a big role in all that heavy energy that was spread all around our lives. I prefer not to say negatively because even that wasn’t clear. Meeting people around, talking with […]

The age of the understatement Going through the little corners of my mind  this title pooped up in my brain “THE AGE OF UNDERSTATEMENT”. Its been bugging me for days.singing it over and over again in my head, visuals of the music video in front of my eyes. Thinking to myself this surely has a […]

Focused on “all that inspires creativity.” Jeff Mills is launching a new quarterly music magazine, called The Escape Velocity. Mills’ label Axis Record notes the magazine will focus “on all that inspires creativity”. “Mills imagined this to be a much needed fixture in this artform of music, the content is focused and concentrated on music […]

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