Uran B. – Live at Tillt Radio

Written by on March 20, 2021

Uran B. now often cited as a household name in the underground scene in Kosovo, has introduced a new paradigm which has ushered in a new contemporary appreciation for the electronic music movement. Co-founding one of the most influential organizations in the techno and house industry regionally, Uran B. through Hapësira, has managed to carve out his own organic niche, something that is a rare phenomenon within this business. His ability to push forward progressive ideas through sound, allow him to stand out as an objective and critical voice whenever music is mentioned. 
Always head-on ready for challenges, he stands on words towards a true musical interpretation, an understanding which always eclipses what’s called fashionable. An energetic ideal that is identified upon his original style that explores new dimensions that leaves a skeptic mind behind and leads an open mind to the future. A forward-thinking view has shaped his versatile posture within the digital industry, something that has been his calling since the age of 14.
Having reached unquestionable authority when it comes to the Kosovar scene, Uran B. has worked tirelessly to expand his avant-garde approach beyond himself in a quest to infuse Kosovo with the same vehemence.
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